Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Sunday

The buzz from the church started an hour before our afternoon service began. People wandered in and out of the building depositing samples of the harvest.
The front of the church.
As I walked into the church the buzz grew. This was Thanksgiving Sunday. The date varies, but most Baptist Churches celebrate God's goodness sometime in the Fall.
I noticed a packed house and a few new faces in the pews. They probably weren't there for the preaching, but I was glad to see them anyway.
The front of the church was decorated with produce (yes, those are real grapes hanging on the podium), and desserts were stored out of sight.
The service began and progressed in the usual way. There was a bit more squirming in the pews, and the smell of chocolate in the air. Anna and Mikayla had made chocolate chip cookies, and Heather had assured them they would probably be the first thing gone!

David is Heather and Pavel's youngest.

As the service ended, the buzz kicked into full gear and the rest of the celebration began.
Out came plates and baskets of food; fruit, and pop, and croissants, and tea cakes, and chocolate frosted things, and sugar dipped other things, and ooohhhh. I've been around Romanians and desserts before. This time I actually stood up and walked around so I wouldn't have to risk offending someone by not eating everything offered!

Betty and Maya.
Chairs were rearranged and people sat and ate for about 45 min.. before slowly making the move toward home. Some treats were taken with them, and even the zucchini disappeared.

Anna is holding grapes and a quince.

The only sound left was from the clean up crew.

Happy smiles, happy tummies, grateful hearts.

Thank You God.

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