Friday, January 15, 2010

Look Familiar??

We've posted lots of pictures to help you see how different Romania is. Romania IS different, but not totally.
How about joining us for a trip to buy groceries?
This is the store where we buy the majority of our products. Slatina is a 25 min. drive from the village where we live. We make this trip at least once/week, but there are folks in the village who may get here only once or twice a year.

(The prices are in ron. These oranges cost about $0.38/lb!)
The produce is great tasting and cheaper than the USA. We've found that in the winter the prices/produce seem to be better here than in the vendor markets. While fruit prices seem low, overall we spend about the same on food here as we did in Montana.

You have to weigh and price the produce yourself.

We can find the majority of the items we want. Here are tiny bottles of flavoring. They hold about 4 tsp. each.

Since we're still learning the language shopping can sometimes bring a few laughs. We decided not to buy the Icre Crap.

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Anonymous said...

those are caviar salad! My favorite stuff to eat while in Romania.
Just add the spread on a piece of bread. YUMMY! Enjoy all the Romania has to offer.