Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Facing the Flood

The thunder went on through two chapters of my book. Our roof did it's leaking thing, and there was some water seeping through the windows, yet still, it came as a surprise.
The water in front of our gate was a puddle in comparison.

Bircii is built in a valley and when the rains come fast and hard, so does the water.

Heather and Pavel had minor damage. Other's didn't fare as well.

H. and P.'s front gate. Do you see the bewildered cow?

Lord looking for a dry spot to stand. Heather and Pavel's other dog house was floating.
Some of the villagers lost livestock.

The water next to the pink stucco fence is actually a road which leads to higher ground.
A few homes took the direct hit of torrents funneling down the roads. Little resistance is offered when your house has a mud floor and clay walls. We know of three families who had everything ruined.

This is a road turned waterfall.

Surveying the damage at Heather and Pavel's.

The mayor came around the next day. A back hoe dug out a few ditches and locals started cleaning the mud/sewer/trash from their yards. There is no Red Cross.

The last flood was in '05. Hopefully it won't happen again soon,
but major storms are expected this week.
In fact, it's thundering right now.

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Deb M said...

Praying for everyone and that the rains pass by.