Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Neglected Blogging

Can we back track to America six months ago?

It's late June, and we're just off the plane from Romania. America is hugging us as luxury flows through wide, sparkling streets. I smile as a long awaited for appointment begins.

My niece thrives at her job at a Paul Mitchell Training School, and she's an easy in for the primping and pampering this Romanian village girl craves.

Each member of my family is coralled to join me, and we meet our "Professionals in Training". (I was told I can't make fun of this title.) My Professional is short, cute, and talks about God. She also has bright purple hair.

God certainly aims to keep this missionary smiling.

Mikayla has masses of hair cut off...

while Ron considers the closest escape route.

Even Matt gets in on the action. How do you spell a cut to please your dad? S_H_O_R_T

The finished product leaves us groomed enough to enter the American culture.

We obviously are not in Bircii anymore!

Here's a thank you to Sara and the "Future Professionals" from

these "Current Missionaries".

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Deb M said...

It was fun to look at these photos and imagine your enjoyment of the experience. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless your ministry (and your hair)!