Monday, March 28, 2011

Wool Working

A few months ago Mom decided she would like to learn how to make yarn from wool. She mentioned this to her Bible study. The next week the women brought us wool and all the supplies we needed to make yarn.

We also got lessons! This is Pavel's mom showing us how to card the wool. She told us that when she was younger she carded wool all the time. Now most of the women buy yarn because making it takes a lot of time.

Anna and I have been practicing.

The next step is to make the yarn. We haven't figured out exactly how this works. Instead, we decided to felt the wool.

We put the carded wool in hot water and then pound it. This pushes all the fibers together and it comes out looking like a piece of fabric.

I made a felted glasses case. I like how it turned out, so I am planning to make a book bag.


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Deb M said...

This is really cool Mikayla. You would have never learned to do this in the US. I think a book bag would be very nice to have and make for yourself using this special process.