Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Associate

Many of you know we've been trying to find an agency to sponsor us for Visas. Having no success these last months, Pavel finally decided to form an Association. This non-profit organization will have the ability to sponsor Visas.
Here are some of the steps involved in forming this association. I have not included the cost.
1) Pick a name and have it approved through a government agency.
2)Drive to Bucharest (3 hours one way). Get lost for 1 1/2 hours while trying to find the "notary" (these folks are more like legal aides in the USA).


2.b. Sign your name at least 10x on various forms.

2.c.Stop at McDonald's to remind yourself that life isn't always about beauracracy.

2.d.Smile at the little faces that greet you when you come home.
4) Start again the next day and drive to Scornicesti (about 20 min.) Go to one agency and make two stops in that building. Be told that you must drive to another agency in another town.
5) Drive to Slatina, about 30 min. away. Go to 4 different places. In most of these places go to at least 3 different people. At several of these stops be told to return to the person you visited before. Wait by your car for 20 min. until the person who double parked behind you returns.
6) Go to Slatina 5 days later to give the paperwork to the judge. Be told to return Monday to pick up the signed papers.
7) On Monday return to pick up the papers and be told that the papers need to sit for 5 days in case someone has an objection.
8) 5 days later return and pick up the papers, but not the "official" form. Be told that you must wait another 5 days, in case someone has an objection.
9) Keep waiting for the rest of the story.
(We're not sure if the papers are done yet...Pavel will return again this week to try picking up the forms.)

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kknudsen said...

This process sounds like an Obama health care plan.