Monday, October 19, 2009

It was my son, Matt, who got me into this. He happened to mention to Vali, one of the youth from church, that his mom cuts his hair.
Guess what happened next?
I have no complaints about cutting hair, but the first time I cut Vali's I was nervous. I had noticed he liked it a particular way, and an European cut was not my specialty.

I counted my blessings when he returned the second time, but it was the fourth return that sealed my job. You see, on the third cut, I picked the wrong blade size by mistake. Vali was wearing a hat the next time I saw him.

Easily forgiven, Vali brought Natu to his next appointment. Vali started cutting Natu's hair himself, but soon the clipper was again in my hand.
Joshua and David wanted to be "big boys" too, but I played it safe.

The blade wasn't in place, and the "big boys" kept their smiles and their hair.


Randy said...

remember, if you show you're good at something, you'll end up doing it forever! well, maybe.

Elisabeth Weeks said...

Looks like you found your calling. Great job, and thanks for the pictures of Luke, Joshua, and David.