Friday, January 29, 2010

Some of you might wonder what we do here in Romania to keep ourselves busy. Well, to be truthful not much; it seems that I am forever looking for something to do. In one of these searches I decided I wanted to make a lap quilt.
Places to buy fabric in Romania are scarce so I decided to dye my own fabric. This decision not only solved the problem of having no fabric I liked, but also was another way to spend my time.
After experimenting many times using many different kinds of teas and plants I came up with these 4 colors.

The next step was to figure out how to put all my pieces together and what I wanted my quilt to look like.

Then I had sewing, sewing and more sewing to do.

Before I knew it a couple of months had gone by without me being as bored, and I also have a way to stay warm in my cold room.

~Anna, for all


Patty Jo said...

Anna you're SO resourceful! I was SO happy to see that you have a sewing machine! May God provide you with more fabric and keep on quilting :-)
Patty Knudsen
from your Gramma Ruth's church)

Anonymous said...

How exciting. I love the lavender color. My friend Pam and I spent last weekend putting together a quilt - I enjoy making them, too. Will you put a batting and backing on it and then tie it?? At least we have sewing machines to do the stitching for us - I can't imagine doing it all by hand like in the "old days"!
Jan Ellingson