Friday, May 27, 2011


I've been remiss. Well, remiss might not be the right word. Maybe we should call it lazy, or possibly procrastination, or maybe even a quest for privacy. Call it whatever, but putting our life out there for the world to see hasn't been happening.

So now, in one fell swoop I'm going for overkill.

IF I can get 20 pictures on this blog we're going to do a spring overview.

Are you ready?

Well, don't be. My mission has not been accomplished. Two days of attempting to load these pictures has made me re-evaluate. I'll post the pictures as I can, and be glad that patience is a virtue.

The Ministry Center property isn't what it used to be. Already much work has gone into getting the land usable.

We've had tremendous help and the old house is almost gone.

You can't buy what we consider bacon in this neck of the woods. Ron's attempt to make our own has me thinking, once again, that I married the right man.

With spring, barns are getting mucked, and the leftovers do wonders for a garden.
We now have an 8 foot pile of manure "cooking" until it's ready to supplement our soil.

The delivery man's horse was happy the grass was in need of a mow.


Liz Spangler said...

You should come on up to Iasi, we actually have bacon in Kaufland and Carrefour now!!

Anonymous said...

Ron, I took a business trip last year, and in the attempt to get pictures loaded and sent to involved parties I was completely stifled. However, when I formed a Facebook page dedicated to the business proposal, I was able to upload all the photos, in very short order, to that site. I don't know if you have the same challenge, but ... fyi. Tim