Thursday, June 9, 2011

Remember my intentions with our last blog?
I was going to serve you Spring in Bircii on one giant platter. Instead you got an appetizer, and I got another chance to grow in the virtue of patience.
Today, our internet connection is smiling and we're going for the smorgasbord.
Enjoy a taste of Romanian Spring.

Our back yard, once a jungle, now is tame.

Don't keep your eye on the big wiggly tail and miss the piglets. They're about 2 days old.
No, they are not ours.

With spring came road construction. This is in front of our house.

Ron standing by our aerobic water treatment system. The barrel on the compost bin helps to redistribute the
resulting clean water onto our garden.

More road work. Now, how did you say we should get to our gate?

Some of our flowers...above and below :) .

Our chickens are hiding.
Anna might be hiding, too.
It's a great place to read.

Heather and 3 of her 4 kids. Sara, Josh and David.
She's got a great smile.
Aaah, Ron's homemade bacon. He's my hero.

The out house on the Ministry Center Land.
We don't use it, and neither does anyone else.

Mikayla stacking tile from the old building at the Ministry Center to be used later.

Are you hungry for more?? The heat is on, and summer is in the works.


Lori Stevens said...

I love seeing the pictures of your lives, God's work, etc.
Please keep them coming!

Tonya said...

Ok, I thought I contacted you before but not sure what happened but want to keep up with you and keep praying so here I am. You are on my blog roll.
Blessings to you.