Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Ugandan Path

One of the thrills of being in Uganda with the Morris' was visiting their church.
It's located only a few blocks from their home, and our procession started with Aiden, Ben and Hannah doing the baby duckling thing behind Loring.

Our Anna follows close behind with Scovia ( one of the young women that live with Dan and Loring.)
Align Center
The path is narrow,

but the results are worth it!

Multitudes of gorgeous children belong to Africa. Hannah holds one of them, and IS
one of them!

Outside the building's gate.

Darwin is the guest speaker.

These praises made my ears smile.

Kostya is from Ukraine, and helps with the ministry here.

I mentioned Darwin was the guest speaker, but Christ is the main guest.

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Anna said...

Beautiful- thanks for sharing!