Friday, July 31, 2009

From a Visitor's Perspective

[Josh Haldeman and Ben and Kendra DeFord have been visiting the Roberts for the past week and a half. They will be heading back to the States on Monday, the same day that Matt will be on his way back for college.]
Mrs. Roberts was excited with the idea that "foreigners" write her weekly blog. So now we have been given the incredibly difficult task of recapitulating the event-filled two weeks of life here in Romania.
The Roberts had invited us to come "visit," earlier this year. Neither Josh nor I have ever flown, so our thirteen-hour induction into the world of flight was a real thrill for both of us. Kendra has traveled internationally before, so we had someone who knew what she was doing.
:-) Our time here has been consumed with working on the Roberts' new home, and sitting in on the different ministries that the Church has here. Of Course, we also spent two days actually being "tourists."
We have all enjoyed getting to know the Roberts better, helping out in their ministry, meeting new friends, and learning about a new country and culture.
Since the house isn't done yet, we are all staying at Heather and Pavel's home--a real blessing.
We have so much we could tell you, but for the sake of time, I'd better wind down.
The Roberts have been such a blessing, and I hope we will take home all the things we have learned here. We are thankful for the opportunity to minister to them in all the ways we are able.

Ben DeFord (for Josh and Kendra)

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Peter Fogarty said...

I loved your comments. I was hoping you would like to share some of your comments and photos with my own readers - all who are looking to visit or live in Romania.

At the moment, I am trying to build up a photo library of great pictures of Romania, and I would be thrilled if you would consider adding one of your stunning pictures of Romania onto my site ( ), along with a comment about why you liked that particular place so much.

I love it when people show the country I love in such a positive way!